Guardian Careers launches campaign to employ Kyle
Unemployed graduate Kyle Clarke has set up an eBay style website to encourage prospective employers to bid for his services. But will it work?

Kyle Clarke
Kyle demonstrates the skills he'll be offering to the highest bidder
We see a lot of job hungry graduates here at Guardian Careers, most of them are filling in hundreds of application forms to try and secure their first role. But one of them has taken the novel approach of just sitting back and letting the offers come to him.
Kyle Clarke is a business management graduate from Newcastle University. He's got a 2:1, plenty of work-experience and, as he puts it, some "award-winning" qualifications. He could be one of a million graduates but he stands out in one way, he's convinced companies are going to be fighting to employ him. So sure of this is he, that he's set up his own website inviting bids for his services. Whichever employer puts in the "best bid" gets to hire him.
On he offers recruiters the chance to snap up the "national winner of L'Oreal's 'Brandstorm'", a former "Olympic / Paralympic press officer" and a man "totally prepared for a successful career with your company" all in one package. You'll also presumably get the chance to laugh at his facial hair, but maybe he'll shave it for an interview.
To bag him, employers can leave a bid on his website (the, err, auction is open till 15 October) telling him about the company, what he'd be doing and how much he might earn. He's going to be coming into the Guardian Careers podcast next week to talk to us about how the auction is going and the offers he's received so far. So if you think you can help him, get your bids in now.




A short conversation

"I can’t find full-time work, I’ve only got part-time work, working one day a week. I’m 26, I don’t know what to do to help myself."
- member of the Tower Hamlet’s Homes Youth Panel



New amphibian family found in northeast India

This photograph released by on February 22 shows an adult Chikilidae, a new species of legless amphibian known as a caecilian, with eggs and hatchlings at an undisclosed location in north-east India on February 11. Researchers digging in the mud in northeast India discovered the new family of amphibians in a rare scientific breakthrough detailed in a study released on Wednesday

Thabiso Kgomane  •  Johannesburg, South Africa  •  4 hours ago
i bet they are gonna mutate into some super species that will start eating humans in a matter of weeks i bet my Bsc degree on that



From an Online Facebook Game

WileyCoyote: Anyone know where to go?
Wong: Can everyone congregate around Poland.
Wong: Belarus
Wong: Slovakia
WileyCoyote: Bulgaria ok?
Wong: Yep
Saferich: Poland
WileyCoyote: Called that a bit late dude
Wong: its just his way
Saferich: well tell me where to go then


I found you


I found my website again, we can all stop looking now.

This past year I have done no art. I cant recall being that creative at all. I've been run down with work, and I'm starting to realise that I am not who I want to be. I am not experiencing life like I would like to. But I know thats going to be a big job to fix anyways.

It's strange to not have done anything creative at all this year. Creative has always been my middle name. I think I am losing touch with my true inner self. Two months until my work holidays. Maybe I will try then to find myself once more.

I did however pull the weeds out of my veggie garden today. The same veggie garden that I forget about for months and then realise it's still there and that my spinach hasn't grown any bigger :( Tomorrow I am deffinately going to plant some snow peas. And I really should update my resume!


School girl conversation on the Bus


We're going round sarah's tonight.

Oh really, I can't go. I'm tied up.

Look what I got done! (shows a tongue piercing)

Oh you did it.

Yep last night.

(can't remember conversation for 30 secs)

OMG that girl! Is so skinny! and she thinks she's so good. It's funny. She thinks the world revolves around her all the time.

Yea she thinks she's so hot and acts so good. It makes me laugh.

Oh and kerry. That girl is so ugly, its like she doesn't even know it. It's funny.

(At this point, the people on the bus try to disapprove of the conversation. They do so with an intruding glare.)

Yea im at college. What I'm doing is an apprenticeship...... I got 2 years and then i'm on the floor.

(Re-assuring glance and her eyes went a little watery)

You're on your last year ain't you?


Yea Amy is working at Forever 21 as well.

Yea she moved from the girls department.

Yea..........................(quick glance in my direction, again)

They were opening the conversation for me.

Charlotte, Heidi, Kay: were from different year groups and were estatic talking about everyone.... and they were busy, but they felt alone abouts the workplace. Constructive conversations and familiarity are key things here to our three girls. Heading in the right direction is what they want to know - to stay connected and keep their thread tightly sewed - To draw a line here, they need to mean to do this themselves and we will; have a moment for their commercial awareness and office politics. Results is the distance we will go for her. Managing the process, our 'Top Gear' meetings and our nurture groups are there for the unproductive conversations. A paragon of justice for themselves, a high moral ground.



I have asked to have a case study of a business group at Greenwich University who had an idea of my project from a previous encounter, but their taken aback reply told me everything I needed to know about their business; hey.