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"In my experience, when you create an arena where everyone is aware of an objective, within time, you will see outstanding performances."

My Profile

Chaser of Silent satisfactions, Peace of mind, Upper hands, Ace of spades, Alpha males, League of Gentlemen.

Who am I

My social standing is 'full of surprises'. All alpha males and queen bees are aware I am due. I can bring this project through to fruition.

What will I be doing within the company

Advocating for students who excel in certain areas, bringing portfolio development through to the most straight down the line men to the most nervous of men so we have results. I know cases where leading students become disheartened, but nevertheless we both know who our intellects are.




Additionally, you may find me working with:

* Overseas development opportunities (Internships in New York)
* 'Top Gear' meetings
* Doing Alpha
* Staying 'off the cuff'
* Business Development



What I would like to do next
Volunteer overseas on community development projects.

2012 - School for Social Entrepreneurs
Became part of the School for Social Entrepreneurs after realizing that my idea was becoming a Social Entrepreneurship venture.

Created a blog, which is a visual record of my pursuit into the education system. The work has the capability to pull in its own audience, but I have decided to keep it to a minimal for the time being.


20 October 2010 –        Tower Hamlets Youth Council
Ongoing 2012                      (Team Leader)
I joined the Tower Hamlets Youth Council where I met Boris Rupnik, Mayor of Tower Hamlets. The Youth Council set out that in order to improve the community; we would see how young people feel about their community and nurture these into their own community projects.
Being elected by my own team as team leader, I found it interesting to see how simple it is to set up your own community group with a cause, effect and mission. My own ideas to reach young people on different issues made this experience my most accomplished work in the community. Accomplishments include informing young people about the voting system and the political party’s aims. Our work is well respected by the community and received well by all those who come across the youth council.


01 November 07 –         Students in Free Enterprise
28 February 08                      (Team Leader)
I was elected as team leader since I already had plans to do a project in schools and I produced a workshop, which is now an annual routine with schools labelled under ‘Enterprise week’. It consisted of:

  • Leading three teams into three local secondary schools
  • Inspiring young people on writing CV’s and interview skills
  • A cube game (‘YOMP’) requiring students to link job descriptions with skills along a timeline.
  • I was also involved in getting ourselves into local secondary schools through a process of emails and phone calls, explaining what it is that SIFE do, who supports us and what we plan to do in schools.

Our sessions with year 8 pupils went very well and the pupils were very welcoming to our presence. We received good reports from the teachers and our work has been an annual routine with the schools.


03 December 06 –                  Student Union
16 June 07                              (Ticket sales)  
Upon joining university, I spent a large part of my first year selling tickets and networking. Students were very welcoming to our presence and the momentum I built was exciting and ongoing. I found a world here with time, space and dimensions.

  • Sold tickets to events and clubs around the Nottingham City Centre
  • Met students and became a good liaison
  • Helped colleagues sell tickets
  • Helped organise events from setting up to brainstorming
  • Used initiative when events were cancelled by liaising with alternative clubs
  • Became privy to invitation only parties


BA Economics
Travel and Tourism (Business Management)