I don't plan to chase politicians, but when they're aware of Focus Anatomy, I know who they are.


Ed Miliband - Labour Party Politician

Michael Gove - Education Secretary
I have already had a short exchange with Michael Gove, and I have yet to deliver on a small promise.However, I do feel it a bad idea to get too close to politicians. Do you?

Nick Gibb - Education Minister

John Hayes - Further Education and Skills Minister

Lord Hill - Schools Minister

Gillian Hargreaves - Education Correspondent (BBC)

Gareth Mills - Trustee at FutureLab

Sir Ken Robinson - recognised leader in the development of education

Andy Burnham - Shadow Education Secretary

Careers Advisor Network
My old secondary school careers advisor believes the software will work. I have her co-operation and am aware of the monthly meetings through the PDC.

Nurture Groups
These use to be a feature for older people but our groups will be on quite different agendas.

Alpha Males and Queen Bees
They are aware I am due.

Business students
Waiting for the benefits.