“It's what students have always been asking for, control of their results”

1) Why is there a need for such a software?

Podcasts, students, business advisors tell me that the exact requirement from me, is to enable students to have something to come back to and work upon. We will provide this, and everything else mentioned on 'About Us', and on top, provide the first software which measures character - however impartially – and, actively learns what others miss. The software plays naturally to the benefits of narcissism.
(See 'Where is the demand?' for more information)

What we are producing is what students have always asked for, control of their results.

We want to start off with business students, with a view to making our students more skilled than other graduates. As soon as a student says that he/she wants to do business in university, we will be onto that enthusiasm to start their journey of being all about business. It will be a measure of character too since the software stays with students for 10 years or more, functioning in ways as creative as student can be. The most interesting part would be asking the students the right questions.

2) Isn't there companies that do what you do?

Yes but our service is ready to expand on a national 'nurturing' scale. I am currently working on bringing results to show for this, but I will need funding to create the prototype and find the right people to drive the business. Its very nice to see these companies provide services, however they also:

* run on different ethics
* unaware of the alpha males and queen bees
* they are subservient to the status quo
* they operate without the service of careers advisors. And if they did, it would mean more work for them and the students, since all the achievements are isolated through appointments!
* they are not socially dynamic
* they operate without our software!
* do not have a pension plan that will rival the best - nurture groups

It will be a partnership, if not, a takeover.

3) So....how does it really work?

When you pick your degree preferences, your user interface moulds to this personality, offering you creative ways to explore this industry, touch on the 99 per cent, get ahead and start 'painting your parachute'. You can see results while producing your portfolios. You have plenty of reasons to end your night with us.

4) I just don't get it?

Scenario 1:
Tell me and I forget
show me and I remember
involve me and I understand

Scenario 2:
Imagine another girlfriend. Her primary role is to spur your imagination, to work with your industry, give you updates, find you opportunities, to take you overseas, examine alternatives, asks you the right questions, gets to know you and is awake at 2am. Sound nice ?

5) Is it a viable business?

Business advisors, career advisers and educationalists say that if the software is something that students can come back to and build on, then its enough to make it competitive in the current market of careers advice. And thats just the beginning of the service! Through chinese whisper and talent spotter cards, the lives of young people will find a new undercurrent.

6) Why do you think it will be good for students?

Education is conformative. Focus supports a more natural development to the professional side of life through:

* your ideas
* your own creativity
* your end product
* the 99 per cent
* the sustainability of you
* your business model
* experiences
* network
* virtues
* skills
* commercial awareness
* replaces Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn from the forefront of your desktops

At best, you will have created a vision and have the enterprise to make it happen. Nevertheless, an end product is being created.

7) Aren't students already doing what you plan to do?

Everyone has a Focus Anatomy inside them, when you go far in life, you will need to focus your anatomy and trace that journey. Anatomies are constantly realigned, things are forgotten and unlearned, new goals are pursued...
Focus keeps your clarity so you can have your social dynamic freed to yourself, allowing you to drift how you will and focus on these other areas. Distractions are abundant and an undercurrent is always evident, I note, that there is a new future being created - based on sound and sight - these things have nothing to do with hard skills learned to do business or learn a degree. But… bring prosperity to students and their coming years.

People will work with Focus because they approve of the national nurturing scale that we bring to all those involved. And students know that we know that they know that we know they know.

8) So what's this new CV phenomenon?

Speculative applications are initiatives taken by those who feel confident in approaching companies earlier than due. I want to capitalise on this confidence,and have my students at the ready (portfolio) with what they show.

9) Food for thought
By tweaking your personality and fitting in with a different social group, you can change your career and the outcome of your life.

10) What would you like to say to employers?

I've got 10,000 of your students.

10) Tell me something interesting?

Magic is real.

11) Whats your motto?

Anything goes.

12) What are you interested in

Organizational Psychology
Childhood Studies
Internet Innovations
Public relations
International relations
Movement of Life
The genetics of information
Alpha Males
League of Gentlemen