We have a niche.

Focus Anatomy is a portfolio software with interactive careers guidance. Our colleagues are inter-twined with the social dynamics of students lives, we affect the undercurrents, know the chinese whisper and are involved with the alpha males and queen bees of each group. This way we can ensure students stay productive and are learning.

My theory of change is interactive careers guidance and having eyes around the campus, reason being, to be situated to bring justice to students to control their outcomes, produce results and offset bad undercurrents that are evident in the confusion and inconsistencies of life. We are the active participants. The factor of change in a student’s life.

You will have been in these situations many a time when a wisdom is introduced into the room which makes us feel awoken. You felt the energy of a team in sync. One love. A small element of purpose. Reflect with me here. What I am also saying, is with a continued chinese whisper, and relationships with our nurture groups, this undercurrent will do us our genius.

I can add that job arenas and job markets aren't the only way to make a living for some. There are things you can do which earn you a way of life rather than a wage.

Keeping end products in mind, the highlight of my results would be to see justice for the most timid of students. I’ve seen alpha males and queen bees let problems drop, because it is out of their way, a stigma is involved and easier for them to serve as examples - this is natural, the straight path, but it’s careless - this presents the problem of “is letting someone die the same as killing someone”. With Focus Anatomy, we embed ourselves against this lazy, to be the active participants. The factor of change.


I believe in nurture groups and I believe in alpha males. To make young peoples’ end product more real, I equip them with:

  • the skills to use their environment
  • to have a good command of English
  • to make things happen.

Our software
A portfolio logging all happenings and achievements, so you can see what you actively do and what you are aspiring to do - any deviations realised – no more “when I grow up I want to be….” – narcissism should play a beneficial part here (people’s excessive interest in oneself).

So having everything career pursuit done… on the net, allows students to have their social dynamics freed to themselves, allowing them to drift how they will. I note, that there is a new future being created - based on sound and sight - these things have nothing to do with hard skills learned to do business or learn a degree. But… bring prosperity to students and their coming years.

“They’re looking at what we do on each heartbeat”

Since we are privy, inter-twined with the social dynamics, we complement status quos and guide students to unique portfolios, juxtaposition for necessary salvation. The result is something students have always asked for, to control their results.

Alpha males and queen bees
With the integration of London’s schools onto Focus Anatomy, our target from here would be to offset nurture groups, queen bees and alpha males into a new undercurrent for young people – with a particular watchful eye around universities. This can be done in 12 months with a review at the end of the year. These are the same groups of people who invented the term ‘Inbetweeners’ - these are the same groups that are more aware than scientists of what dyslexia means – these are the same groups that create reward and punishment. 

“Some people need to be treated differently and be allowed to set a pace, this is a safe environment” – queen bee

This is aimed to give students control and realise they are part of one.

Nurture groups
Nurture groups are in mobile office units, and for the majority, will rest on campus but they can move to the nearby schools.

Nurture groups are there for the day-to-day accomplishments and they have a psychotherapeutic approach (but NOT psychotherapists) to what students need in careers guidance. They have a particular kind of relationship with students. This involves:

  • an eye on student life
  • to be encouraging, tending, with all factors considered
  • awareness of outside forces and events
  • access to student’s portfolios
  • helping them take insights and knowledge into their lives
  • identifying short term goals
  • long term goals
  • what a student really wants
  • having a presence
  • maverick students
  • isolated students
  • timid students
  • students caught up in confusion
  • to gain freedom from unresolved issues

We plan to provide the best pension plans for our nurture groups; including the opportunity to retire at 30 and hold their relationships with our alumni students. If you aren't concerned about the next tabs ^_^ feel free to browse the website now using the link below