Focus is a portfolio building software which encompasses a careers database – S2B platform – social and leadership networking – blogging – cohesive development – and tactical foresight through a network of careers advisors…..
to embody an impression on a students’ anatomy – hence the name ‘Focus Anatomy’ – otherwise known as a student’s ability and innate potential. Not yet has there been software; that has an ability to encapsulate the makings of a student and ground him/her with a foundation of world history and inspiration or in the least, community.

We are active participants in the social realm of students and as I term, 'the factors of change'. Please wait for my video release to find out more about this niche business model. A model that will allow me to take this project through to the most straight down the line men to the most nervous and assimilated of men, towards a League of Gentlemen.

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  1. for students to feel casual with the software
  2. making our students more productive than students without our service
  3. tweaking overseas professional development opportunities
  4. bringing social impact to our schools, designated locations, on campus and in the undercurrents of the status quo
  5. supportive to social dynamics
  6. salvation where it is needed
  7. to encourage a national nurturing order

The benefits of having all 10 million UK students in ‘full affect’ are immeasurable, but the greatest benefits are economic growth and possibly to take us… out… of… recession .

N.B. If you're browsing the website yourself, please follow the Green Button and allow DirectX to run for a full experience.