Daily sayings:
Small opportunities are often the beginnings of great enterprises


The Art of Love and War

Gala Premier tonight
Cher and Christina Aguilera fro 6pm at the Empire
Leicester Square

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Carrie gave you a talent spotter card


Achievements to date

2007 -

School talent performance
Mouth that Roars Productions
Tower Hamlets Youth Council
Chicago Film Festival
New Zealand Film Festival

2008 -

Founder of Tailored Hearts Productions
Volunteer work in the Great Barrier Reef

2009 -

Alumni Reunion of Chicago Film Festival
Martin Toole Talent Spotter Card
Support actress award
Juxta position award

2010 -

Team leader
Tailored Hearts Productions finds investment
Flickr: Award for photography shot



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Tommy admires your performance
(31.12.09 * Was that really you per....)






May gives you a Hi5!...............